Who am I: 

I am a PhD student at the University of Exeter based at the Environment and Sustainability Institute [ESI] on Penryn campus. I am part of the Politics department with my area of interest being political communication. My research explores the impact of the Internet upon public understanding of science. In particular my research focuses on the public understanding of climate change.

My interest in internet culture as a way of communicating science include:

  • Memes
  • Online Communities
  • User generated content
  • Culture jamming
  • Social media

Purpose of the blog:

This blog is a way to communicate my research with a wider audience while also providing an area to explore in much more depth some of the examples of interest which can simply not be explored in as much depth as I would wish within my thesis. This blog seeks to share my research while providing entertaining examination of some of the more interesting examples to emerge from Internet culture. While also providing away to engage with people about the electronic environment that has become a normal part of our daily lives.


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